How I see the world

I'm just curious about the world. I think it is worth investing in education, traveling and interacting with various forms of art. The coolest time is one that we can spend without tension, with people who are important to us personally and professionally.

The blog will be a selective choice of topics, descriptions of trends, tools used by me, interesting creations I consider to be worthy of attention. I will also try to describe some issues that may be unfamiliar to beginners in marketing. One of the more annoying sentences that can kill anyone is "how can you not know". So I assume you can. If I know, I'll tell you, or I'll see where you can find it.

I may also comment on valuable book titles, movies or series. Sometimes I'll show pictures. The way I work is influenced by many factors. In this section, you will find out what inspires me and moves. I will also focus on topics that may be of interest to a small business owner or marketing officer. I will discuss topics related to advertising, branding, copywriting.

Let's see where it takes us.

Personalised Gelato Ice Cream Tubs – product photography for Gelato Heaven

The corporate event is a good occasion to surprise employees and clients. Personalised Gelato Ice Cream Tubs are the alternative to the standard brand promotion materials. Filled with home-made luxury gelato make every event an unforgettable experience. Let me introduce you the charming photo shoot for this lovely brand – Gelato Heaven.   

The role of the psychologist in the evaluation and treatment of infertility – interview with psychologist Dorota Gawlikowska

It is important to me to write about serious topics. Next, to the creation of texts on orders, names or slogans, I write about what concerns me, hurts, is interesting.   I have a strong belief that knowledge is power Education, explaining, talking about difficult things is a duty. I am not afraid to talk…

Another Place Crosby Beach

Time it took us To where the water was That’s what the water gave me And time goes quicker Between the two of us Oh, my love, don’t forsake me Take what the water gave me Lay me down Let the only sound Be the overflow Pockets full of stones Lay me down Let the…

The secret garden in the end of July

Sunny July ends with a golden sunset in a mysterious garden. My sister and I walk together. Golden hour in full, green around, flowers, playing lights, just nature.

Marta Malarska-Walczak

For nearly 10 years of professional activity, I have been involved in creative work and marketing. I love visual art and words. I write texts, create the brand names and slogans, ideas for promotion, social activities and events.