My projects

I have been working with small and big companies. My clients represented very diverse industries. There were clothing manufacturers, local service owners, advertising agencies, publishers, bloggers, athletes, foundations and associations.Depending on their needs, I was taking care  of promotion, copywriting, social media and support of their graphic projects. From the beginning of my career I have been creating or co-creating brands that have been successful in the market. I am the owner of the portal, co-creator of the Beauty Mission magazine, co-owner of the creative agency Creative Crab and a member of the Polka Potrafi Association in Piaseczno, where I was a co-organizer of local events, trainings and conferences.

royalpacking preznety pakowanie warszawa copywriting
wrzesień 2017

Copywriting in Polish -

Creating lifestyle articles for brand.
The company specialisation is gift packaging for all occasions.

marta malarska walczak zrozumieć niepłodność wywiad
wrzesień 2017

The role of the psychologist in the evaluation and treatment of infertility – interview with psychologist Dorota Gawlikowska

It is important to me to write about serious topics. Next, to the creation of texts on orders, names or slogans, I write about what concerns me, hurts, is interesting.



Ania jest waleczna pomimo przeciwności, motywuje, działa, zachęca do aktywności. Jej blog dotyczy zmiany a grupa na FB to silna społeczność, która dodaje sobie dobrej energii.

Współpracowałam z Anią przy tworzeniu nowej wersji jej bloga We współpracy z graficzką udało nam się wspólnie dojść do rozwiązań dających efekt nowoczesnego bloga, który podobał się czytelnikom.



Darek Strychalski is a disabled ultramarathon-runner. He has a right-sided hemiparesis, a shorter leg, he is blind in one eye. One day he could not walk, today he is running and competing with healthy people. His attitude, the spirit, and the consequence motivate thousands of people.

I had the opportunity to work on a new version of his website and its implementation.

Check out the English version of the website


Współpraca z Kobiecą Samopomocą Zawodową

W zakresie projektu logo, ulotki, strony internetowej.

od 01.06.2014

Partnership with Creative Agency Kreatywny Krab

Marketing and copywriting: creating communication strategies,
creative work, creating slogans, brand names, advertising texts.
Training: the use of social media.
Sales: attract new customers.

od 03.2014

Women's Association in Piaseczno called Polka Potrafi

A non-profit activity consisting of:
- Co-development of organization development concept.
- Co-organization of educational and health events for Piaseczno community.

od 05.2014

Śniadania Przedsiębiorczej Polki w Stowarzyszeniu Polka Potrafi w Piasecznie

Miałam przyjemność współorganizować śniadania oraz występować w roli eksperta w dziedzinie mediów społecznościowych, promocji w Internecie i wsparcia marketingowego małych biznesów.


Become a detective and find a hidden treasure

A historical game about
the common history of Poles and Jews in Piaseczno 20.08.2016, the event aimed at
bringing closer the youth living in Piaseczno and surrounding areas of the city's
history had an educational and cultural dimension.

I was the co-organizer of the event, I invited partners and exhibitors, I was co-
organizer of the concert and created the photographic documentation.

31.07 and 07.08.2016

Breakfast on Grass

31.07 and 07.08.2016, outdoor picnic promoting cuisine
from various parts of the world from restaurants that operate in Piaseczno and
organic cuisine from local suppliers of honey, eggs, juices, and jams.
I was co-organizer of the event, I invited partners and exhibitors, created PR
materials, I was responsible for poster printing, I got a sponsor of a local dairy
producer- Robiko, I made photographic documentation.

23. 04. 2017.

Women's Conference

I was speaking about promotion on the Internet, co-organized the
conference, gained partners and exhibitors and was responsible for poster design.


Test Yourself Before Training

An open-air event under the
auspices of the Mayor of Piaseczno, whose goal was to promote the prophylaxis of

pediatric diagnostics before taking children's increased physical activity. I was a co-
organizer of the event, I was acquiring partners, I created PR materials, which I

sent to local media, I made photographic documentation, co-hosted the event with
the president of the Association.


Become a Volunteer

A picnic for the inhabitants of Piaseczno,
attended by over a dozen NGOs, foundations, and associations from Piaseczno and
it's environs. The event aimed to bring residents closer to the organizations that
provide help within the county, support cultural activities, protect animals, help the
excluded and the disabled.
During the picnic, we managed to collect and distribute clothes for those in need
and to collect food for dogs living in shelters.
I was a co-organizer of the event, acquiring partners, creating PR materials, which
were sent to local media, I made photographic documentation and co-hosted the
event with the president of the association - Katarzyna Szustkowska-Jarzębowska.


Youth on the labor market - the project was called Create your product with Aromeda

I ran a 4-day workshop for young people using my marketing knowledge, teaching
the youth about product development, inventing a name and introducing a
promotion plan. The winning group won a paid internship at Aromeda company.


Health Town with DKMS Foundation

I was a volunteer, I collected genetic material from potential bone marrow donors,
created PR materials, made photographic documentation.


Creator of Beauty Mission Women’s magazine

Editorial duties: writing about: medicine, beauty, women, travel,
interior design, ecology, and interviewing.
PR activities: contact with magazine partners, cosmetics manufacturers,
book publishers, owners of beauty salons.
Marketing and sales: attracting advertisers, co-organizing events.
Running Fan Page on Facebook.