The role of the psychologist in the evaluation and treatment of infertility – interview with psychologist Dorota Gawlikowska

It is important to me to write about serious topics. Next, to the creation of texts on orders, names or slogans, I write about what concerns me, hurts, is interesting.


I have a strong belief that knowledge is power

Education, explaining, talking about difficult things is a duty. I am not afraid to talk about such matters, especially today when the topic of infertility treatment is so widely commented in the media, church, schools. Unfortunately, not always in a truthful manner, often harming the people who have a problem. Infertility is not a punishment, it should not associate with shame. It is a disease, and the disease is healing. I hope this interview will be released in the world and will help people who want a baby.

The interview was written in Polish.

You will find topics such as the psychological aspects of infertility, the confrontation of people treating themselves with the environment, communication in the relationship, ways of coping with the sense of lack of meaning, the place of psychological support in the treatment of infertility, trying to change the destructive beliefs, overcome shame and maintain dignity in treatment . The text was divided into 3 parts for the convenience of the reader. It will also include information on workshops that are free and are held in Warsaw. Workshops available throughout Poland are posted on the fan page Stowarzyszenie Nasz Bocian.

Part I
Part II
Part III




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